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Dallas, TX

The City of Dallas, Texas was required by its previous codifier to purchase, maintain and warehouse a large inventory of their codes of ordinances for purchase by outside subscribers. This meant that city staff had to spend many hours organizing the codes, keeping a current inventory list, invoicing payments and responding to subscriber requests and questions by mail and telephone. They were even responsible for packing and shipping the orders and sending out the supplements each quarter.

These activities consumed a large number of hours and added to the staff's already busy work day. The city no longer wanted the responsibility of updating and distributing volumes of codes and code supplements, so they asked American Legal Publishing to provide a solution.

American Legal Publishing met with the city staff to assess how to save the city time and money without sacrificing the same level of high quality service that the subscribers had come to expect.

The result was the creation of the Subscriber Services Program. American Legal Publishing took over the maintenance and distribution of the codes and supplements to subscribers. Additionally, American Legal provided a single nationwide toll-free number and credit-card processing center to make it easier for subscribers to place orders.

With this new service in place, the city staff was relieved of the burden of maintaining inventories of codes and processing individual payments.

We have set up similar Subscriber Services Programs for Austin, San Francisco, San Diego County, Toledo and others.



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