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American Legal can act as an information management consultant, providing information, software, and electronic products to make ordinances and other municipal documents easier to work with. The electronic versions of your documents can be installed on your network or on individual desktops. This allows you and your colleagues to search for key words or to easily print specific sections of text. We can also place your code and other documents on the Internet so citizens, contractors, schools, and other interested parties can locate the information they need as well.

As a Folio Publisher, we provide information management and electronic publishing solutions that suit the particular needs of state and local governments. Folio Views® is search-and-retrieval software that offers instant access to your local government information. American Legal Publishing currently provides Folio Views® information management solutions to municipalities, counties, and state municipal leagues across the country, including the Michigan Municipal League, the Texas Municipal League, the Ohio Municipal League, the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, and cities such as Albuquerque, Austin, Boston, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

American Legal can:

  • Convert your code of ordinances, meeting minutes, statutes, policy and procedure manuals, or other documents into Folio Views®.
  • Train you to use Folio Views® information management software.
  • Provide Folio Views® consulting and project development services.

How can Folio Views® benefit you?

  • It makes your information manageable. Folio Views® gives users complete control over information. It keeps users in touch with the overall structure of the information they access. It makes large volumes of information manageable and helps users find answers fast - regardless of how large the document is.
  • It makes information more valuable. Folio Views® lets users do more than just browse - they can personalize the information, using electronic highlighters, bookmarks and notes to make the information even more valuable.
  • It allows for easy, focused searching. With Folio Views® you can search your entire code or focus your search on individual chapters or titles. You can even search within your highlighters and marginal notes. With this control, users find the right answers quickly, instead of wandering through mountains of search results.
  • It makes your information accessible. American Legal's Internet Service places your code of ordinances, meeting minutes, policy manuals or other information on our web site. This cost-effective solution is perfect if you do not have the time or the resources to set up and maintain your own Internet server. All you need is a modem, a phone line, and Internet access; we take care of the rest.

NOTE: Folio Views® runs only on Windows operating systems, and is not Macintosh compatible.



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