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League of Nebraska Municipalities

The League of Nebraska Municipalities had been running their own in-house codification program. The demand for codification soon began to exceed the League's internal resources, so in 1997, they asked American Legal Publishing to help. Now, we provide codification services for nearly 200 Nebraska municipalities. We provide a full range of codification services- new codes; recodification of old codes; and supplementation of existing codes, including 6 x 9 codes in the older League format.

The League is always aware of the budget challenges faced by their member municipalities. It became an emerging concern to the League that its smaller municipalities were finding ordinance codification and supplementation too costly. Consequently, many municipalities were not keeping their code books up-to-date with state law changes. American Legal Publishing worked in conjunction with the League to draft the Nebraska Basic Code (NBC) -- a model code covering a wide range of topics such as administration, traffic, business regulations, animal control, prohibited conduct, and more. The NBC is updated annually with state law changes, so that subscribing municipalities automatically have a code of ordinances that is up-to-date with state law, at a cost that is significantly lower than custom codification.

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